How to select best music creation software

The software that allows you to compose, record, create music is the heart of a music studio, in fact, it's a whole virtual studio. Almost all the work will take place inside the DAW (Digital audio workstation) Electronic or computer system designed for recording, storing, editing and playing digital audio. Provides the ability to perform on it a complete cycle of work, from the primary recording to the receipt of the finished result., so it's worth to seriously choose the option, otherwise work in uncomfortable software can spoil a lot of nerves and even completely reduce the desire to engage in music.Software for creating music

This publication is part of the course:  How to equip a home music studio .

Course outline:

  • A computer
  • Audio interface (sound card)
  • Monitors (speakers) and headphones
  • Software (you are reading now)
  • Midi controller  (not yet published)
  • Microphones  (not yet published)
  • Budget (not yet published)

The best way to choose the software for the studio is to download the demo version and try to work with it. This is how I chose Reason at the time: I opened the program and began to try to achieve some acceptable result. In some programs, I could not go further than the start screen because of the bladder interface, like in the cockpit of a spacecraft, some I did not have the tools that went with DAW, and I did not want to search and download VST plug-ins .

Propellerhead Reason I liked the fact that it initially has everything you need to create music: synthesizers, samplers, effects and tools for mastering. It was also very easy for me to understand the principle of working with the interface, because working with Reason is almost the same as working with real, physical tools. Especially I was fascinated by the possibility of pressing Tab to open the back side of the river rack, where wires that look like real ones can connect instruments as soon as you have enough imagination.

Of all the software here, if Propellerhead Reason is not suitable for some reason, I would pay attention to Logic Pro , if you have a Mac, and to FL Studio , if you have a PC.

Propellerhead Balance - audio interface. Image Source:

But then again - the best way to choose DAW for yourself is to try to work in a demo version, to feel on yourself whether this program suits you or not.


You can also save very well and buy for $ 599 (about 18,000 rubles) and audio interface from Propellerhead Balance complete with Reason itself , which, in my opinion, is a very advantageous offer, considering that individually they cost 14 thousand each.

The only problem is that the Reason Plus Balance kit is hard to find from resellers, but I bought it directly on the website using the Shipito forwarding service and paying for the purchase with a bank card. If you're wondering how to do this or have other questions, then ask in the comments, I'll try to answer.

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